Happiness starts with you. Opening the doors to M Minori leads you to the ideal life you dream of. Living in your dream homes in the heart of mature JB city, where everything is within reach provides unlimited connectivity and accessibility.

M Minori offers limitless experience from a comprehensive selection of vibrant amenities and facilities, all in your safe space.

A Unique Fusion of Calm and Convenience

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The first M-Series (Mah Sing's Craftsmanship) in JB
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Strategically Located in the Heart of JB
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Japanese Living Concept
Asset 4@3x
Lifestyle-focused Development with 2.8 Acres of Facilities Deck
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Elevating Quality of Life with State-of-the-art Facilities and Amenities
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Sustainable Living with Green Building Certification

Consume Less, Create More


Better Indoor Air Quality

Low VOC paints and coatings used to enhance air quality, indoors and out.

Automatic Waste Disposal System

Eliminating unpleasant odours and enhancing overall hygiene for a better standard of living.

EV Charging Station

Having the convenience of charging overnight, while reducing carbon emissions.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Aimed to lower electricity bills with tinted glazing, natural lighting, and ventilation.

Cost-Saving Lighting

Even and long-lasting lighting with lowered energy usage for cost-saving & sustainable living.

Rainwater Harvesting

Promoting water efficiency by capturing rainwater for landscape irrigation.

Express Car Park Ramp

Lowering output of carbon emissions thanks to intervals in car park level.

A Well Sought-After


Close proximity to bustling township Austin Heights, Taman Adda Height, Bandar Dato Onn, Taman Setia Indah, Taman Daya, and Kempas.

Short hop to MCD, Starbucks, and Minimart. Countless amenities are within 6 km, including hospitals, educational centers, police station, shopping malls, restaurants, and many others.

5 Reasons to Buy a Serviced Apartment& Condominium in Johor Bahru

Landed or non-landed? That is certainly a million dollar question. Buying property in Johor Bahru is a hunting game at times, with you having to go through plenty of property options before finally deciding which one you want to put that large down payment for.

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Well, we’re guessing in your search, you might have stumbled upon a serviced apartment in Johor Bahru and are carefully considering it. So, here are five reasons that a serviced apartment in JB might be the property of your dreams and we’ve got a special project to share with you.

Reason 1: Serviced Apartment & Condo in JB Are Usually in a Great Location

Serviced apartments are usually built at a strategic location. Although most serviced apartments in JB are mostly for people such as tourists or those looking for short-term stays, there are some who buy for own-stay because of the many perks. 

M Minori, the first “M” series to land in Johor Bahru by Mah Sing Group, is set to be located in Taman Seri Austin, which is a strategic area that hosts plenty of advantages such as nearby popular food and beverage options, shopping malls (AEON Tebrau, IKEA Tebrau, Lotus Tebrau, Lotus’s Setia Tropika, AEON Dato’ Onn, Toppen Shopping Centre, Mid Valley Southkey, etc.) and more. What’s more is that, M Minori will also be located next to McDonalds and Starbucks! There is no doubt that this project will bring plenty of interest now, and in the future. There are also plenty of educational institutions nearby which markup its future worth.

Reason 2: A Serviced Apartment & New Condo in JB Would Have Plenty of Amenities

Serviced apartments in JB all share a common feature - there are many facilities. These amenities can include lifestyle items such as a swimming pool, gym, common social spaces, gardens, barbeque areas and so forth.

Because of this, families or young couples can benefit greatly from these amenities when living in a serviced apartment in JB, compared to if you were paying for these items in other places. On top of that, there are usually other convenient amenities such as shopping malls or supermarkets nearby.

Reason 3: You Can Enjoy Financial Benefits When Renting Out a Service Apartment & Condo in JB

As we mentioned, some people buy serviced apartments in JB for the purpose of investment and rent it out while keeping the property in their asset profile. This means after buying, you have the option of renting out your property.

According to a report by The Edge, the rental market was the first to see an improvement, with a higher demand for high-rise apartments in good locations.

Moreover, PropertyGuru Malaysia’s Property Market Report revealed that the price index for high-rise property rentals increased by 0.91% QoQ and increase by 0.20% YoY.


Source: PropertyGuru

Hence, you could potentially yield high rental rates if you are thinking of renting out a serviced apartment in JB, especially with the constant uptick for high-rise rentals.

It could be easier for you to rent out an apartment such as M Minori, especially because of its serviced apartment factors such as amenities and facilities that make it an attractive place to live for renters. Additionally, the fact that serviced apartments in Johor Bahru also provide security can give renters that extra peace of mind. You can also explore short-term rentals options too such as Airbnb, which is more appealing to the younger crowd.

Reason 4: Serviced Apartments & Condominium in Johor Bahru Are Modern with Digitalised Features

Serviced apartments in JB are built to look high-end with facilities that resemble the luxuries of hotel living.

In addition to that, serviced apartments are often made with digitalised features for residents’ ease of living. These can include a tier security system, controlled access via mobile applications, easy reservations for facilities and more.

Besides that, other facilities can include tight security and building maintenance or housekeeping.

Reason 5: This Serviced Apartment in JB Offers Modern Affordable Lifestyle Living

Contrary to perceptions, there are serviced apartments in JB that are affordable. This is why we would like to introduce you to M Minori, the first “M” series in Johor Bahru by Malaysia’s top property developer, Mah Sing Group.

Designed to promote calm, comfort, convenience and care-free living, M Minori serviced apartment in Johor Bahru features a minimalist Japanese lifestyle theme that is perfect for families, working professionals, young couples and all types of homeowners.

Mah Sing’s M Series revolves around the concept of affordable homes in prime locations that value easy access to amenities, as well as being surrounded by perks of connectivity and established infrastructures.

Especially great for young homeowners, Mah Sing’s M Series are made to be located in city centres, or as landed linked homes in suburban areas to offer residents the best lifestyle aspects.

So, if you are looking for a serviced apartment in Johor Bahru for sale, keep a lookout for M Minori!


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